COMMANDO HOSE Heavy Duty 50 Feet Double M Expandable Hose with Solid Brass Spray Nozzle

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  • ★ BEST GARDEN HOSE ON THE MARKET, This 2016 expandable garden hose is made from the newest and strongest materials on the market today, After our specialists examined other buyers' reviews, we've implemented our findings in making a winning product.
  • ★ MADE FROM IMPORTED USA MATERIALS. our new design for the expandable hose includes an Inner tube exchange, a new material that no other hose on the market is using, and that's why our hose is the best one .we are the only one that uses this new material instead of latex that will quickly disintegrate and will burst, you can check us and confirm with all the other expandable hoses out there.
  • ★ SOLID BRASS FITTINGS ,Our hose is lightweight and super strong, will never tear or explode, it can withstand enormous water pressure, we do not use plastic , all the ends are made of brass including the hose' valve .our hose will never tangle or twist, Stop using heavy pvc hose hanging, on your every corner, they are bulky and heavy, and there is nowhere to store them.
  • ★ WHAT DISTINGUISHES US FROM OTHER HOSE'S is the quality materials that we use, and especially that we've replaced his inner tube, the tube is not Made of latex and have less Hazardous chemicals, more powerful than latex.
  • ★ STOP ! YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS, WE GAT YOUR BACK. We provide you with a 12 month warranty on our product so you can Buy with ease. And we want you to know that for any question or if you just need help, our support team is here for you 24 hours a day. So if you're tired of buying the same hose many times and return it, Then click on "Buy Now" and Enjoy the THE COMMANDO HOSE for a long time without any issues.

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Product Description

THE COMMANDO HOSE's experts examined over the bad reviews, and found out new ways to improve your favorite product that no one else seems to manufacture properly.

Our new design is the most powerful, durable, and most comfortable on the market.

THE COMMANDO HOSE will not disappoint you, it's the world strongest hose, lightweight (one-fifth the weight of regular hose) but strong enough to tow a car.

Made of a special new material that solved 90% of its previous design malfunctions. the only hose on the market today that dont use latex inner tube ! not one or two or even not three layers of latex tube will be half as strong as our new material. and this is how we prevent chemical reaction between the brass and the inner tube that made all the other hoses to burst.

★User manual:

★In the bag you have the commando hose. the first thing to do is to connect it to the garden tap .

★After you connect the hose, if there is a misfit from the tap Inside the bag you can find rubber hose washers. You can put it in the female part of the connection and then connect it back to the tap.

★For the first use It is recommended to open the water slowly until the hose will be filled completely and only then to open the valve.

★When you're done, you need to remove all the water from the hose then make sure you're storing it in a shaded place.

★for your attention: the hose is not meant for hot water use it can damage it.

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