MOSS Alphaliad Concentrate

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  • Worm Casting Extract
  • Mix 10 to 1 with Water

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Product Description

MOSS Alphalaid is a soil supplement primarily used for field application on grass, grain, renewable energy feed crops, fruits and various types of nuts. Alphalaid is a unique ground breaking foliar product that provides plants and other vegetation nutrition through leaf and stem absorption. This MOSS product is designed to transform the nutrients drawn from worm castings into a liquid based matter. This liquid base has an extended shelf life that is extends beyond one full growing season. For example, a 3 year old MOSS Alphalaid product is as equally effective on plant enhancement when compared to a freshly bottled counterpart. MOSS Alphalaid is a gentle wetting agent, which is ideal for young field plants such as tobacco and cabbage. In the 2012 growing season, a North Carolina Greenhouse grower dubbed this product the "Super Duper Vegetable Producer." During that growing season, their vegetable crop produced the best yield and the highest quality crop "ever." During that time, the grower was disappointed that the product was only available for research purposes. They, like many others, are anxiously waiting for the product to be available to the general public. Sold by the gallon in concentrate. Ordering 1 gallon will make 10 gallons of product. For information regarding test results from University of Delaware click here The following is the instructions for Alphalaid use: Alphalaid is the most versatile of all Moss products. Since it will arrive in concentrated form, it is recommended that it is diluted to 10 parts water to one part Alphaaliad. General Uses This mix can be sprayed foliar or used as a side dressing to the plants This mix can be used as a root soak for transplants 24 hours before planting. This foliar can be used once a week in your garden Plants love it and you will get an added benefit of an insect repellent Specific Suggested usages: Grapes , Grasses, Berry briers

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